Air Hammer Tips 2019

What is an Air Hammer? Air hammers, which are also known as Air Chisels, are smaller hand tools which are lighter in weight.

They are usually used for metal working shops for securing solid rivets, shape or flatten metals, also useful for working with aircraft grade aluminum or for shaping parts out of structural steels.

They are also used to neatly cut exhaust pipes, take apart CV joints, rubber bushings, ball joints, etc. also useful for rough carving phases of stonework and wood carving projects. These can also be equipped with a chisel for surface preparation. To get the perfect guide check best air hammer review

There are two types of Air Hammers, short barrelled air hammer and long barrelled air hammer. Air Hammers come with a set of attachments like chisels and shaping tools.

How does it work?

When the handle of the air hammer is pressed, through a valve, air pumps from the compressor. Inside the hammer, there’s a circuit of air tubes, a heavy pile driver and a drill bit at the bottom. The valve flips over again and the whole process repeats.

Lightweight Air Hammer can be of three pounds and heavy air hammer models can be as heavy as six pounds.

Best Air Hammers:

  • Willmar M668, this easy to use tool is used for panel cutting, hole punching, and removing rivets. It comes with five treated chisels. It is great for home use. It has got quick-change spring safety retainer.
  • DeWalt DWMT70785, is useful in large and small tasks like tile works and re-modelings or demolitions, etc. this tool lasts for many years compared to other air hammers.
  • PowRyte Basic 100115, perfect for, smaller and around-the-house tasks. It is mostly used in smaller companies and small jobs, such as bathroom renovations, etc.
  • Giving you plenty of power and speed, the Ingersoll-Rand 114GQC is used for simple DIY works. It has a built-in power regulator and great for tile and concrete work.
  • Sunex SX243 with built-in regulator knob, hardened long barrel design, is a great choice for auto mechanics.
  • Chicago Pneumatic CP7150 heavy-duty Air Hammer is designed with professionals in mind. It has control over its speed range with its unique spool valve and positive action trigger. It is easy to use and mostly used in industries as standard device.
  • Astro Pneumatic Tool 4980, has got multiple chisels. This air hammer will work on most jobs easily. It has got enough power for each task.
  • AIRCAT 5200-A-T Stroke Low Vibration Air Hammer, is a low vibration machine and one can work all-day long without any feeling of shaking in your arms. I is considered as a quietest equipment in the industry.
  • Kobalt Air Hammer, is most often used in construction sites. It has got four chisels which ae quite easy to change.
  • Capri Tools 32070 Air Hammer is easy to use tool with four chisels and had got enough power for multiple tasks.

Air Hammer may refer to, Air Hammer Fabrication, Forging, Pile Driver, Transformers, Jackhammer, and Nailgun.

Tools used in the Air Hammer:

  • Universal Joint and Tie-Rod tools used to separate universal joints and tie-rod ends.
  • Ball Joint Separator used to separate ball joints.
  • Shock Absorber Chisel used to break loose shock absorber nuts.
  • Exhaust Pie Cutter, used to cut through exhaust pipe for disassembly.
  • Tapered Punch, used to free frozen nuts and insert pins.
  • Rubber bushing splitter, used to remove rubber bushings.

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